Due to the Health Claims Regulation, Togkat Ali cannot be advertised as a dietary supplement with an effect on testosterone levels. It also falls under “novel foods” and requires approval. This approval is still pending in 2020. With this approval, an effect on the testosterone level would be demonstrated with real extract. In any case, this effect requires control by a specialist in endocrinology. Excessive testosterone levels can cause side effects.

In other countries, the USA, Canada, Indonesia, etc., Tongkat Ali is marketable as a dietary supplement despite the effect on testosterone levels (it is a real extract).

For this reason, depending on the country you live in, you can purchase OR Tongkat Ali as a dietary supplement outside the EU. You cannot purchase the product for consumption within the EU, even if it is a pharmacologically pure real Tongkat Ali extract. Our product is therefore not suitable for consumption if you order it within the EU. Since we ship from Germany, there are no customs problems, but we do not recommend it.

If you want to purchase genuine pure Tongkat Ali for other purposes, you can purchase the product as Research Tongkat Ali (Tongkat Ali for Research).